Simon’s Giostra

 It is the evoking of a medieval game where the four districts of the village (Castle, Square, Saint Martino and Tower) and takes place in the mid-afternoon of the Sunday closest to August 5. In the game the riders at a gallop try to hit the “buratto” representing Simone Cacciaconti who in the 1292 attacked the castle. The winner award the “Cloth”, a painted banner with the image of the Virgin Mary and Child.

The game remember the siege and destruction of Montisi at the end of the XIII century by Count Simone of Rainuccio Cacciaconti.

About the game we have information in documents of the XVIII century: it ran inside the village, along the current via Umberto I, and was celebrated not regularly until the WWII. In 1972 born the idea of recall the event to bring prestige  at the village and to involve the few young people who were there.

The festivities for the games go from Friday before the tournament where a torchlight procession winds along the streets of the village and arrives at the sanctuary of Virgin Mary of the Snows, patroness of Montisi. The procession is made by people in period dresses, the tambourines and the flag wavers of the various districts.

In the afternoon of Saturday the general proof of the game takes place, after the blessing of the horses, which is traditionally imparted by the rector after a Mass celebrated in the Sanctuary of Virgin Mary of the Snows. From the score from each district, you will determine the order of the race for the next day’s game. The evening, then, each of the four districts makes dinner propitiatory on the street, in which several times people toasted with local wines to the victory of its jockey.