Enjoy Tuscany in total relax!

The B&B Il Giuncheto is located near Siena, on a panoramic hill. From us you can enjoy the wonderful Tuscan landscape in total relax, you can admire medieval villages through a unique route between nature, history and traditional cookery
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If you choose to visit the most beautiful Italian villages and you decided to stay with us, you will enjoy all modern comfort in a unique and refined room


Deluxe Suite

“Rosa Blu“

The room was created by restructuring the old manor house, characterised by the roof beams and typical Tuscan tiles. The furniture is in typical Tuscan style and  the wrought iron four-posted bed is fabulous.


Deluxe Suite


The room was created by restructuring the old stable of nineteenth century and it is characterised by arches and walls with exposed stones. The roof and the forniture are in tyical Tuscan style with wood beams and tiles, moreover there are serveral wrought iron beds.


Deluxe Suite

“Rosa Turchese“

The room was created by restructuring  the old manor house and it’s characterised by the roof beams and typical Tuscan tiles. The white plaster walls preserve the old structure with arches. The furniture is in typical Tuscan style with the presence of wrought iron beds.


Deluxe Suite

“Verde Ramina“

The room was created by restructuring the old stable of nineteenth century and it’s characterized by arches and walls with exposed stones. The roof is with wood beams and typical Tuscan tiles. The furniture is in typical Tuscan style  with a wrought iron bed.

Special Offers

If you are looking for a luxury accommodation immersed in a charming Tuscan landscape or if you looking for a longer holiday, we offer several promotions that will sutisfy all your needs.


Week-end package


Weekly package


Exclusive package


Celebration package

Activities & Events

A stay in Tuscan lands offers a lot of activities to do and a lot of events to take part in. For example, you can rent a bike and explore the Chianti’s landscape or you can take part in a wine course and  taste the best wines of Tuscany like Brunello, Montepulciano’s Red, San Gimignano’s Vernaccia and Classic Chianti or you can ride a horse through Tuscan lands.



Gastronomic journey
Wellness path
Historical-medieval itinerary
Raiders itinerary



Tuscan events

Siena – Palio
San Giovanni d’Asso – Giostra di Simone di Montisi
Montisi – New Oil Festival
Torrita di Siena – Palio dei Somari
Montepulciano – Goblets under the stars
Montepulciano – The Bravìo of the barrels




Wine Tasting
Thermal centres and spa
Sienese lands by bike
Horse riding



Fernand Braudel

Hills of Tuscany, with their famous estates, the villas, the towns that are almost cities, in the most moving countryside that exists.



Henri Desplanques

The Tuscan countryside was built as a work of art by a refined people, the same one who ordered paintings and frescoes in the 15th century: this is the characteristic, the main feature of the design of the fields over the centuries, in the architecture of Tuscan houses. It’s amazing how these people built their rural landscapes as if they had no other concern than beauty.



Ezra Pound

It took two centuries of Provence and one of Tuscany to develop the means of Dante’s masterpiece.


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