Giostra di Simone


The Giostra di Simone is the reenactment of a real historical fact at the end of the thirteenth century, when Simon Cacciaconti, Lord of the countryside, after being driven from their lands, returns to the village and its armed puts fire to the country.

There are certain information of the ‘Giostra’ in documents of the 18th century: it was run inside the town, along the current Via Umberto I, and was not regularly celebrated until the Second World War. In 1972 the idea was born to re-evoke the event to restore the shine to the country and to involve the few young people who had remained there.

The festivities for the Giostra starts with a torchlight procession winding along the streets of the town and reaches the sanctuary of the Madonna delle Nevi, patron saint of Montisi. Some people in period costumes, the drummers from the various districts and the flag-wavers take part in the parade.

The day after, there’s a the general rehearsal of the carousel, after the blessing of the horses, which is traditionally given by the priest after a Mass celebrated in the shrine of the Madonna delle Nevi.
From the score obtained by each district, the race order for the Giostra of the following day will be determined. In the evening, then, each of the four districts makes the propitiatory dinner on the street, where they toast with local wines to the victory of their jockey.